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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Today in the morning I had the appointment to fix 9 decay and extract one wisdom tooth. I came at 9 and left at 1. It went okay, I didn't feel like it was 4 hours... They gave me some pill first, then some laughing gas, but it made me dizzy, so they turned it off. After a while, I felt like the anaesthesia they gave me was wearing off, and before they attempted to extract wisdom tooth, they added more anaesthesia. They gave me 4 pills to take at 5pm and 4 more to take 5-6 hours later (for pain). I began feeling some pain at around 4pm, but my mouth was still numb, and I couldn't drink anything; besides I didn't want to tke pills before the time. I actually fell asleep for a bit and woke up at about half past five, and took the pills then.

I'm supposed to drink a lot, eat soft food, and not brush teeth for 24 hours. (And not smoke, etc., but I don't smoke anyway.)

I'm eating yogurt now -- the second meal I've had today, the first being cereal in the morning before the appointment. I drank tea a bit earlier, and wasn't that hungry, which is good: I don't know how I would eat. The anaesthesia for the wisdom tooth still hasn't fully worn off. Left side of my tongue and lower lip are still numb and feel nothing, while the other side is okay. So I can taste the yogurt and feel its temperature with right side, but not on the left side (where I feel just the fact it's liquid and its consistency). That is I think that the tongue and lip can't feel those things, but just from comparison it appears to my mind that the liquid on the left side is tart and warm, rather than sweet and cool. It's a funny feeling, that my yogurt is both tart and sweet, and both warm and cool.

Of course, I couldn't study. I read the philosophy assignments - they seemed easy, about God. But I have the second test in Cost Accounting on Monday, and I need to study for it.

Le Grand Fleur

Oh yeah, that's some powerful stuff. I had a friend who actually bit through his cheek while on pain pills for oral surgery. Mind you he was kinda dumb, and you're not, so :)

I'm glad it's not hurting you. Have they perscribed pills for the duration? For how long is the pain supposed to last?


Actually, they gave me 2 ibuprofen + 2 extra strength tylenol in each packet. The doctor said that this combination has about the same strength as some other prescription drug, but has less side effects.

They haven't prescribed anything, but it doesn't hurt today at all. Although I was feeling rather weak in the morning, and mom said my face was yellowish. I think it may have something to do with how little I ate yesterday; mom thinks that it could be gas poisoning... But if it was gas, why only now? Yesterday I felt fine, and early morning today when my kitty woke me up at fifteen minutes to seven I felt okay too. It was only at 12 I felt this way.

Hope you get well soon.


Thanks, I'm better now.

Le Grand Fleur

I would think that mixing meds could be dangerous...

Well, yeah, I'm sure it's just the not eating and the gas (which does strange things) and possibly also taking pills on an empty stomach.

That's good that you're not hurting.


Yeah, but that's what doctor said.


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