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I'm kind of interested in trying Sirius radio: apparently you can get 3 days for free. Have you tried it? How is it?

I've also recently came across, where you can put the name of your favorite artist or song, and it will play similar music: great for discovering new artists, and listening to more music of the kind you like... I liked that.


My boyfriend has it in 2 of his 3 vehicles and I had just their music stations with Dish Network until I downgraded packages. They're decent and I wouldn't mind having them in my car.


Did you hear about Last.FM? :D

IDK about satellite radio - i use my ipod everywhere i go.

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Oh, so that's what Last.FM is? Hmm, I just went there and it's not very intuitive how to use it. On I can just sit back and listen ;)


Well there's a "Listen" tab as well as big button on the first page. The cool thing about Last.FM - it can monitor what you are playing on your PC/mp3 player more often and give recommendation.

AoGG Carrots!

I got it free in my car for a year (which expires this december).

It's awesome. I love the 60s 70s and 80s stations and listening to Howard Stern on the way to to work. :)

I'm going to renew it for the length of the lease of my car.


There are quite a few music recommendation sites around (I did my Masters project on music recommendation engines, so I've been on most of them).

Things like and Pandora are what's called "Item-Collaborative Filtering". Where you give it an Artist/Track, and it finds similar artists based on the people who've listened to it. Item collaboration is the same type of recommendation used on Amazon (Other customers who bought this item also bought.. etc). It's pretty useful as you can just type a name in and get music instantly. uses "User-Collaborative Filtering". Where it's a "word-of-mouth" thing. So if I listen to A and B, and you listen to A, chances are you'll also like B, so it gets recommended to you. It finds people who have similar tastes (neighbours) and compares the music.

It all comes down to what you want. Pandora is good for finding similar artists, but is good for finding obscure things which you would never have found any other way. I've found a lot of new artists that I love from which I never would have come across otherwise. I'd say would give more accurate recommendations based on your tastes, but I've found both to be pretty useful.

Of course, the problem with is that you need to listen to a lot of tracks before you start getting accurate recommendations. It needs to know what music you like, whereas Pandora you can just click and play straight away. I agree that the site is pretty messy though. The recent re-design didn't help it much.

I wrote my own recommendation engine a few years ago, where I combined the techniques of Pandora and to produce a kind of super recommender. I never did get around to releasing it properly.

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