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I got a CD on, and when I opened it and listened I found that it was damaged... I heard some noise but blamed it on the headphones/computer on the first couple of songs; on the fourth song the noise was too noticeable to disregard. I played the CD in a CD player and still got the same problem. It gets progressively worse too: the sixth and further songs are skipping painfully. So of course I look up the Amazon return/refund policies, and I gather that opened CDs can only be returned for a partial refund. I'm not satisfied with that, and write to Customer Service explaining the situation. And it turns out I can get a full refund! They apologized and explained in detail how to handle the return. Great!

I decided to look at the programs I no longer use and uninstall them... I noticed there are a bunch of Java updates:

J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 10
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 11
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 4
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 9
Java 2 Runtime Environment, SE v 1.4.2_03
Java (TM) 6 Update 2
Java (TM) 6 Update 3
Java (TM) 6 Update 5
Java (TM) 6 Update 7
Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment 6 Update 1

Are there any that I can safely remove? They all seem to take up quite a bit of disk space.

Google is launching a browser Google Chrome tomorrow: info, screenshots and a comic book. Sounds interesting.

He's a little angel. He likes to sleep on our laps, knowing someone is near. Any pose he strikes when sleeping is cute, and he likes to changes them often. He's also a happy and playful kitty. And not afraid! He came out of the cage to the house pretty quickly and went around exploring everything!

I ordered my textbooks through after verifying the ISBN at the bookstore. Now I check the syllabus for my tax class, and see this: "Hoffman, Willis, Maloney, Raabe, West's Federal Taxation: Comprehensive volume (2009 Edition), West Publishing co. (St. Paul, 2008)". However, I bought the 2008 edition, and that was the edition in the bookstore!

That's not cool.

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I was browsing Yum! Brands site today -- I'm making it a point to keep updated on what's going on, and there was a link to this commercial:

Today I got an email from FastWeb about the subject above. Hahaha, well it caught my eye! For details see

My company has a contest "Show us your smiles". I think I'd like to take part. It involves posting pictures to Flickr. Like I need yet another photo-hosting site... I've been using VillagePhoto(?), Imagestation, Photobucket, and now ScrapBook. Does anyone know if I can upload pictures to Flickr from a URL (rather than from computer) to transfer pics from all those various sites directly without having to first download them?

On a sore and timely topic:
Prices Drive Gas Use to Five-Year Low
U.S. drivers have cut back their use of gasoline to levels not seen in five years, data show, while supplies of gasoline are building.

Hahaha, wtf:
Excuse Me, Do You Work Here?
No, I Just Need to Fold Clothes

The ranks of obsessive folders have swelled as a generation of Americans has done stints as clothing-store clerks. Now, after countless hours spent neatly folding and stacking, their peculiar idea of perfection is straining marriages and leading to bizarre behavior.

You've Just Graduated & the Economy's Tanked; Now What?
I found this article informative. I haven't yet graduated, only going to before the end of the year.

Edit: Another good one: 6 Ways to Become an Expert Interviewee.

I talked with another intern today: I'm usually done with my lunch in 15 minutes and have nothing to do for half an hour. This time I went outside, as the weather is nice: sunny but not too hot. There's a nice place out with benches in a sort of square; Yuka was sitting there. Now she's not shy! We kept up talking, asking each other questions; that was a change from talking to (or being silent with) Laura. This kind of goes two ways: I think that it fell more onto Yuka to find questions to ask. I tried to keep up my side, though.

Yuka is originally from (if I understood correctly) Denmark. She actually has accounting background, working at a Japanese manufacturing company and even being in charge of an accounting department. Now, however, she wants to get certified (CPA), and thus went back to the university. She likes the internship; says it's an easy job. She said that when she worked at that Japanese company, she found accounting boring, and that she prefers public accounting with all the traveling... She only has about 15 more credit hours to go to complete the requirements for the CPA and has 7 years of experience working in accounting.

Someone in the landlord's management company gave me an email address that I now think it rather suspicious... I mean it sounded like it ends with "", but is like a website design company, and I wonder if maybe there's a particular misspelling in one or both of the words, because the person made sure to spell everything out. Except that I don't understand much when people spell letter-by-letter. It doesn't come naturally. Anyone know of a website that might sound like "", but is spelled differently?

On the other hand, the person didn't put much emphasis on the spelling, and wouldn't she try to point it out if there was a deliberate misspelling? I would try to, I think...

I need to find a charity specializing in clothes to whom I can donate $25. Any ideas?

Reading Lease Agreements today, I came across this little gem among Landlord/Tenant responsibilities: "...removal of snow, trash, rubbish, garbage and other refuse..."

I think my jaw has come to back to haunt me. I can't chew, I can't
even speak, without it bothering my right ear. I should have done
something about it way back when I found out about the problem with my
jaw, but I had no dental insurance...

Edit: The odd thing is that the right side hurts, rather than left, which was the particular problem then.

Does anyone have experience with this program? Could you tell me how
to look up conversation history?

OMG a daisy vGift. *want*


I'm subscribed to the Wall Street Journal's "Student Weekly Wrap-Up". This week, there are surprising many interesting stories. These are free.

Recession? Not So Fast.
A growing number of economists are less pessimistic about a recession. Retail sales, excluding autos, were surprisingly firm in April, as consumer spending and the U.S. economy continue to grow.

Does Being Ethical Pay?
For corporations, social responsibility has become a big business. Companies spend billions of dollars doing good works -- everything from boosting diversity in their ranks to developing eco-friendly technology -- and then trumpeting those efforts to the public. But does it pay off?

The Neuroscience of Retailing
Retail therapy is a term many people are familiar with -- the notion that shopping can be a panacea. Now, researchers are studying the link between shopping and happiness -- and what puts people in the mood to buy.

I read a bunch of books, but not what I needed. :) Is it time to get stressed out?

There was a long link to Google Maps here.

I never post very often, and I wondered what I'd be posting about a lot today ;) Well, the extra RAM I bought is here! I'm about to try to install it.

Edit: I can tell this will make me so much happier. No more silently cursing my computer and testing my patience :DDDDDDD

LJ Timeline (very amusing)

Also SUP is planning to purge all accounts that were deleted in protest. Source and more information

Hehe, this is random.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm thinking of buying myself some RAM. Most sites say that the maximum RAM my laptop can have is what I have right now (512MB), but this one has a 1GB which is what I want. And it's "guaranteed to work". Seems to be a reputable site, but I'm a bit cautious...

I don't normally get involved, make PSAs, but this is something people should be aware of. Stolen from many: has information on it that would be useful if one wanted to contact SUP management for any reason. Say, to talk about recent management-level decisions at LiveJournal.

also, you can send a postcard to:

Jason Shellen
576 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Six Apart - Sales Department
548 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Has anyone used NetLibrary before? I'm having problems. I want to read the whole book, but I can only navigate to first pages in a particular section. I don't see an ability to navigate to further pages...

Edit: I am blind... The buttons were at the top, and I was looking at the bottom.

OMG I finally figured out a topic that is actually feasible -- Sarbanes-Oxley. I'm sure I'll find enough info to write 8 pages. Phew, I was stressed out that I didn't have any idea where to begin. And I think it's going to be useful for me as an accountant too. This paper is due in about 2 weeks.

In the last hour and a half muravei has been friended by no less than 16 people. Wonder what's going on.

I made a moodtheme from pictures made by yoksel. I think I need a sleepy picture though. Maybe having a new moodtheme actually motivates me to assign moods to my entries ;)

public entry forever

My holiday scheme is gone

Poll #1104436 AdBlock Pros and Cons

Do you use AdBlock or similar?


Why or why not?

Ah, freedom. I'm enjoying my little Thanksgiving break, although perhaps I should have allotted some time to studying for the accounting exam. I can start tomorrow ;)

Yesterday I saw "Live Free or Die Hard" which was amazing. I didn't expect much; it's amazing how low expectations can enhance anything. ;)

Today we watched Santa Clause 3, and then we decided to drag out Santa Clause the first one. Which also required plugging in the VCR. One hilarious thing in the retrospect is step-dad trying to disable subtitles on the tape... Anyway the contrast between those two Santa Clause movies was striking: the old movie looked so old, colorless, and lacked in the special effects department. It was an 1995 movie, and everything changed so much since then. It gives one a new appreciation for what we have.

Not about Book 7, but I guess might be spoilery (if not a hoax)Collapse )

I'm considering doing a research on the available programs that teach touch-typing, and I want to see which programs are commonly used before I start.

Poll #1084887 touch-typing programs you've used (if any)

Which programs have you used to learn touch-typing, if any

Today I am a United States citizen1, and my middle name is officially Constance. I'm also very sleepy. For Thursday I need to take a look at (which I think I heard others talk about before) and (which has free sci-fi/fantasy library!). Oh, and while I'm talking about links, -- donate rice by answering what the words mean.

Edit: 1 Now with pictures!

I was at an Accounting Club meeting and close to the end of it a siren sounded in the building. Tornado warning, everyone to go down to the basement to take cover. Exciting. Too bad the meeting was over so abruptly, because the spokesperson (Pillsbury CFO/Controller) brought five cases of chocolate cookie dough to give out, as well as some $2 off coupons on some new product they have... On the other hand it seems the warning is going to be over at 7:15pm, so we can go back up to get it...

Why did they have to go and make the new Word 2007 documents incompatible with earlier versions?!

My Intermediate Accounting instructor had provided some sample multiple choice questions to review before the exam, and I can't open those files. I am not getting Office 2007 again. A few months during the summer convinced me of the inadvisability of that ...

What is the word for the dictionaries in which the words are sorted by the last letters, rather than the usual order? For example, in such a dictionary the word "microb" would appear later than the word "scarab" (because the ending letters "ob" would be later than "ab"). Bonus points if you know where I might find such a dictionary ;)

For one of my classes1 I will have to buy a domain name. Of course, the instructor mentioned that the hard part of the assignment will be choosing a name. I remember seeing a website that allowed you to enter a desired name and showed if it was still available, and on which extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.). I even put in "camomiletea", and noted that it was taken on .com, but not .net. I don't remember where it is, and I didn't realize that it would be useful for me in future, so I didn't bookmark it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (I won't choose "" though.)

1 Management of Information Technology

Create your own visitor map!

I received a couple of scholarships! Yay! I'll have 500 for Fall and 500 for Spring.

For summer, I just registered one class for now -- Applied Statistics for Business and Economics, part I. It's a prerequisite to many other higher level courses.

For fall, I will have the following schedule (Mondays and Wednesdays):

11:00-12:15Intermediate Accounting I
12:15-01:15Lunch break
01:15-02:30The Computer in Business
02:45-04:00Professional Writing Skills
04:15-05:30Public Speaking

Oh, and the Russian test I took actually counted for something in my program (not the whole 18 hours that they gave me for it, only 3 hours). And when I finish my degree I'll have enough credit hours to sit for a CPA exam (usually you need to take extra classes).

I just found I'm dead. This was the first page I came to:,pose-virabhadrasana_i.htm

I've never in my life seen such huge hail as of about five minutes ago. It was so sudden (the morning was very warm), kinda fun to watch, but terrible for our poor flowers, especially tulips. I was just adding some CSS for the Navigation Strip to my print_stylesheet() function today. Now I noticed that when I attempt to post comments in my style (with ?style=mine or in my journal), the reply form won't come up. I did nothing nothing to ReplyPage today. WTF. My layout has $.form-print();, there's no funky logic -- everything looks fine, so what is going on?

For now, if you want to comment, please append the link with &style=mine.

The final essay assignment for Philosophy...

1. How exactly does Socrates' views about the justice differ from the views of the majority? How does Glaucon argue that no one is volutarily just? Finally, why does it appear as though it is better to live an unjust life rather than one that is just?

2. What, for Aristotle, is Human good? What is the connection between happiness, virtue, and reason? Why must ethical virtues be acquired through habit rather than teaching? Finally, explain what Aristotle means when he describes ethical virtue as a mean disposition with respect to illustrations; got missing pages for another. Almost finished Cost Accounting exercise; it's due on Wednesday, I still have 5 4, no one took me up on the offer last time. Just leave your email in a comment (will be screened).

Something went wrong with this installation of printer software. It keeps popping up every time I start the computer saying "Installing"/"Preparing to install"/"Copying files". And it copies all the same files... Weird. I think I know the calculations of various un/employment measures pretty well. Need to review the Keynesian vs. Traditional (Crowding-out) vs. New Classical views. Oh, and finish reading the Monetary policy chapter...

There's an interesting article on leet-speak in Wall Street Journal (free today!).

The good news I couldn't talk about? I'm a new Styles admin, along with scaryjeff! \o/

82K 0:25
“My name is Constance or camomiletea. I'm a support administrator. I admin Style Systems, so that makes me a Styles admin. I have admin privs. I have a membership in lj_supportadmin. I'll enjoy being an admin even if I have to answer lots of FAQ references.”

Transcribed by: camomiletea

This Fall semester I want to take 15 credit hours, rather than my usual 12, which means one more class. I even know which one I want (and need): "Management of Information Technology". There are two sections of it, and the one that I wanted (6:00-7:15pm) is full, but the other (2:45-4:00pm) had one spot open. I grabbed it, but what I really want to do is when the time draws nearer contact the teacher and see if I can't go to the 6pm one. The schedule doesn't yet show who is going to be the instructor, just "Staff". But I'm pretty sure the teachers are understanding in this regard... I've seen some teachers accept students into already full classes. It can't be that full; it's a 300-level course... On the other hand, our Finance class in spring was pretty crowded, and it's also 300-level and part of the business "core" program, that everyone in Business must go through. Not like 300-level accounting courses, which only people majoring in Accounting should take.

Hmm, now that I look at the schedule... There's another class I'd like to take that's in the same timeframe (6:00-7:15pm) -- "Auditing and Assurance Services"... It *should* have open spots. But I'm already taking a hard accounting course, and I've been told this one is hard also. EDIT: And what do you know! That hard class I'm talking about is listed in prerequisites, with a note that it may be taken concurrently. *headdesk* Like I want to do that! And I really need that Management of Information Tech as soon as possible.

This is what happens when you decide last minute you want to take an extra class. I've already signed up for everything else at the first opportunity.

160K 0:49
“More SpinVox testing.

In times of old when I was new and Hogwarts barely started, the founders of our noble school thought never to be parted. United by a common goal they had the selfsame yearning to make the world's best magic school and pass along their learning. "Together we will build and teach," the four good friends decided, and never did they dream they might some day be divided. For were there such friends anywhere as Slytherin and Gryffindor, unless it was the second pair of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw?”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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