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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

My next week might be exceptionally busy. On the 6th, mom is having a dental appointment; on 7th I do (for cleaning); on 8th both of us have advising appointments, and I have third exam in Calculus; on 9th I have another dental appointment for fixing my chipped teeth since my old fillings fell off, and the scholarship application (the one that requires essay "Education and Volunteering: My Role in the Past, Present, and Future of IUS and the Community") is due, and that same day is the first day when you can start registering for Summer and/or Fall semesters.

Could be fun!

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Hello I have read all FAQ's and other user recommendations and it seemed so complicated to me. I could not succeed to add the counter. Can someone advise me a simple way of adding a counter in my live journal blog. Thanks in advance.
my e-mail is


Can't you read? I clearly state in my userinfo:

If I know you, and you would like help with customization, please don't hesitate to ask.

If I don't know you, you will get more help by opening a support request than by asking me. Please do check the FAQ and HowTo tutorials before opening a request - your question may be already answered there.

I definitely do not know you and do not like your attitude.


I'm really sorry. Please forgive me for my rude response. Unfortunately, I cannot help you, because I do not have much free time. But I recommend you to find some community which helps with customizations. Good luck!

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