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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Today they actually gave me a CD with X-rays and pictures of my teeth, and their recommendations. If you are interested, the pics are here ("kinda gross, but cool," as Jacob said).

I actually have 9 teeth with decay, but they can fix all of them (plus remove one wisdom tooth) on Friday. It's going to cost a bundle (over $2,000), but insurance might cover most of it (around $1,500).

This is the problem with my jaw:

That bone is too small. The doctor said it was really really unusual for someone my age (more like for someone sixty-seventy). It's smaller than normal on the other side too, but the part I circled was particularly so, even in comparison with the other side.

In other news, I went to an advising appointment today and figured out what I'm going to take in summer and fall. Will list tomorrow.


Can they fix the problem with your jaw? Or is it just something out of the ordinary, but you can live with it?


Well, the doctor I talked to couldn't recommend anything, rather he gave a referral to another doctor who specializes in oral surgery... So I don't know. He mentioned that maybe correcting the bite would help, but really I should get evaluation by the specialist.


*comforting hugs* I'm just sorry that you have to have all that dental work done. =( Not fun... but hopefully, it will go as quickly and with a minimum of discomfort as possible.

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