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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

I received an invitation to Tau Sigma National Honor Society, apparently a society for transfer students. Should I accept? Why or why not? I just don't understand the point.


Some of these things are scams. If is costs money, ask around a bit to figure out its reputation. If it's legit, then see above comments about resume-building.

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I belong to it via Hilbert College as a transfer.

It's not a scam.

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I belong to it. Looks good on a resume.

Other than that, our chapter hasn't done squat.


Thanks for information! I just think it's a bit expensive to pay $45 just to beef up resume, but I'll certainly consider it. I got this response when I asked about the benefits of joining Tau Sigma:

Yes, and honor society looks great on a resume and here are some other
great reasons to join:

-recognition for academic achievement
-early involvement opportunities in the college or university
-opportunity to assume leadership positions
-opportunity for assimilation into the student population
-increased visibility of current transfer students
-enhanced reputation of current transfer students
-message from the university that there is level of commitment to
transfer students

This is a student run group, so the activities and events that go on are
planned by the students. It may become a very active group, or it could
stay very low key. This is the initial semester, so we'll have to wait
and see!

So it's very new here, apparently!

Books mmmmmm

I agree. I paid it and then afterwards I thought 'for what?' A pin? A little certificate?

I joined that two years ago and after the induction ceremony, I've received nothing regarding the chapter.

For me, it was a waste. :(

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