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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

My birthday is coming up on March 15th. I was looking at my settings, and apparently you cannot make your birthday visible while keeping location not visible. I don't mind people to know my birthday, however I've always been careful about my location. I'm thinking of submitting a suggestion to separate out these options.


I say go for it! ^__^

While you're at it, would you also be willing to suggest the option to make the information visible only to friends? It's the only reason I have left off my birth year in my DOB. I don't mind my friends knowing, but I don't want the general LJ public/Internet knowing my full DOB.

I'll be watching suggestions for your suggestion so that I can endorse it immediately. =D


*nod* i'd support that; it makes sense to me. it seems that a lot of little things like this are tied together that don't necessarily go with each other.


Great suggestion!


Go for it! I don't see why they're connected in the first place.


Why do you list your location at all then? Why not just remove it entirely and then mark the option to make birthday/location visible?


Happy belated Womans day also. I am trying to translate Russian Novels into English. There is a very rich heritage here that no American knows or could ever understand. I want to make it different. This is a very difficult task for me since I do not speak Russian, but I translate Russian into English. I have been doing this for the past ten years with exceptional success. My wife is Russian and can also read, write and speak Ukrainian. We are not doing this for money. We do it for life, so peoples can and will understand the very hardships of the people in the CIS. I am an American living in Ukraine and very married for the past ten years, but only on a Private VISA. I have limited time because the US government has canceled my Passport. My wife and I earn no money because we are both on pension and live by that means. I do not want to leave UKRAINE. My home and my life is here, where I belong.
Robert Haney

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