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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Since the time I've opened my journal to public again, my statistics of "Who's friended you?" is funny.

DatestampFriended byUnfriended by
22 Mar 20062: ~sergey_juchkov, ~sergeyslesarevNone.
21 Mar 2006None.1: ~sergey_juchkov
20 Mar 20061: ~sergey_juchkovNone.
19 Mar 2006None.1: ~broshenka
18 Mar 20061: ~broshenkaNone.
17 Mar 20061: ~seaofdestiny1: ~broshenka
16 Mar 20061: ~broshenka1: ~hratli
15 Mar 20061: ~hratliNone.
14 Mar 2006None.1: ~livredor
13 Mar 2006None.1: ~hratli
12 Mar 20061: ~hratliNone.
11 Mar 20061: ~hyakynthosNone.
10 Mar 2006None.None.
09 Mar 20061: ~zaloopaNone.
08 Mar 2006None.None.
07 Mar 2006None.1: ~mithgo1
06 Mar 2006None.None.
05 Mar 20061: ~mithgo1None.
04 Mar 2006None.None.
03 Mar 2006None.1: ~seaofdestiny
02 Mar 2006None.None.
01 Mar 2006None.None.
28 Feb 2006None.None.

All these Russian folks friending and immediately defriending next day... -- Hi, there! Everyone is welcome to read my public posts! Please be aware that I rarely post in Russian.

Maybe they are thinking I'll add them in return, or something? And when I don't, decide to remove me? Or they don't understand English (in which case why did they friend in the first place)? Well, whatever. It's just funny.

My Cost Accounting teacher's dad died today... :( So he didn't come to the IMA meeting, obviously. They expected it (since his dad was in an intensive care), but not so soon. They thought maybe some time after spring break...

A person from my class Trish Spaulding gave me a ride to the IMA meeting. She was very nice. She was also very talkative, but it's okay, I liked it. The meeting was interesting. The topic was IFRS.

(Anonymous) - (no subject)

It's an off-site tool called Friends List Analysis, Past & Present, which is listed on the site map. However, it only updates when you visit the page and shows changes since you last visited, so it's not very useful unless you go to it regularly.


I use the tool alsatia linked to. I don't always visit it every day, but I guess someone does it for me? It's like it never skips a day... I Have it in my Link List in the sidebar.


You probably have enough visitors to your journal (or one obsessive one) that someone always goes "hmm, I'm curious" and clicks the link.

I wonder if it's a bot, friending to see if you'll automagically friend them, grab protected posts, and run.


This doesn't explain all of them, but I think some of the ones that have friended and defriended her repeatedly might be people who frequently delete their journals for whatever dramaful reason. If the first time you visit that page in a day is while someone who lists you as a friend has their journal deleted, it registers as a defriending.

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