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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

101 things to accomplish in 1001 days is an interesting idea (some info here). 1001 days is about 2.7 years. You can accomplish some stuff during that time, but 101 things?

I want an SH in Scrapbook. I probably can do that in 2.7 years.
I can probably finish my Bachelor's degree in Accounting, and I might even take a CPA exam.
I'd like to produce more Project Gutenberg texts. So far I've done 12 since Nov. 2004. And I'd like to do at least 20 more.
Finish the sweater I'd knitted.
Update my website regularly.
I'd love to learn how to write patches for LJ.
Learn some Latin, and maybe some Greek.
Learn musical notation, and then Lilypond. Do a couple of books on music w/ music for Project Gutenberg
Practice yoga


How does Project Gutenberg work? :) I've heard of it, but I've never known enough to get really excited about it.


Project Gutenberg provides classical (and not-so-classical ;)) books that are out of copyright or whose authors released the rights on -- freely in a digital format (usually plain text, and a lot of time HTML, and sometimes PDF and other formats). Anyone can go, download and read some. I like digital format for the fact that you can search, and I like HTML versions a lot, as they can be made beautiful.

Like this, or this.

I'm involved in producing texts through Distributed Proofreaders site. Most visible part of it is proofreading, obviously ;) Some people scan books, and run an 'optical character recognition' program on the scans to produce preliminary text. OCR is mostly right, but sometimes makes mistakes, which need to be corrected by humans. On Distributed proofreaders, people check the OCR output against scans, one page at a time, and correct. Later they also format according to pretty extensive guidelines. Then books go into 'post-processing' stage, where all pages are gathered together, final checks are run, decisions about questionable isues are made, and final versions of text are produced. I like this part.

One of the books I'm particularly proud of is a biography of Beethoven.


Project Gutenberg sort of disallows direct links to files, so you may need to find where it says "HTML" for Format and "none" for Compression, to view them. Unless you wish to download zipped files.


That is completely awesome. If I ever have free time again I think I would like to look into getting involved somehow!


I'm pretty sure you can get ScrapBook SH in less than 2.7 years :D


You'd have to finish around 3 tasks per month to get done. I started 3 months ago and have 6 tasks done so far, which means I'm a tiny bit behind. However, there are tons of things that are in progress but just take a bit more time to complete, so the amount completed per month will increase over time. Also, I have quite a few tasks that I could complete in a day if not for currently being in the middle of nowhere with no transportation or money. When I move in August, I should be marking tasks off like crazy.

Part of the challenge is to actually come up with a list of 101 things you genuinely want to accomplish, and make them specific enough that you can measure your progress. Your list of ideas is good for getting a general sense of what to include, but then you'll need to make some of them more measurable. For example, "practice yoga". You could make it "practice yoga X times per week for Y amount of time" or "take a yoga class" or "be able to hold the FOO asana for X amount of time". Probably some other variations too, but those should be sufficient examples.

The trick I learned from Erin is to make the list now, but be willing to make changes as you go along. Changing tasks because one seems too hard is kind of cheating, but you do need to be able to revise your goals if a task becomes impossible for reasons outside your control, or if your interests shift drastically. We're young! We can't know now exactly what we want to accomplish in the next 2.7 years.


Yes, I was going to make it more specific if I get to it. :)


If you decide to do this you should come request membership in we_love_101. :D


Well, if you need any help with Greek, don't hesitate to poke me :)


And musical notation. I can help! =)


I want an SH in Scrapbook. I probably can do that in 2.7 years.

I would say so :)

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