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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Today, we had a person come in to talk about adding a sunroom to our house. Even though at first I wasn't wild about the idea, I really liked what he had to say. But we are probably not getting it now; still considering it only. It's fairly expensive. But the pictures and videos looked nice, and it seemed to be high-quality. We were joking that we need to start buying lottery tickets ;) The sales person said that in eight years he had sold sunrooms (and other home improvements) to 2 people who'd won in a lottery...

it's out to get us all

Hello! I see that you have fiended me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who you might be or where you may have gotten my LJ. Randomness is cool too. I just generally like to know.

Anyways, have a good day,

~ Wolf


It was semi-random. I found a sort of blog-thing that checks each of your friends and whom they have friended, and calculates the distance to some users who aren't your friends, but are friended by people on your friends list, or something like it. I looked at the resulting list, and decided to friend some. You were kinda in the middle, neither with the shortest distance, nor with the longest.

And the reason, why I friended you, is because I've talked with you on the Harry Potter messageboards (in Books and in Ravenclaw)... I'm Constance.

You mentioned you had the same username all over, but I'm not following you -- I only came across your LiveJournal via that blog-thing.


Ahh! *understanding* I know who you are now!

Welcome to my fiends list, then. *adds*

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