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Constance - Make tea, not war

An Undocumented Tidbit; Room

Today, when I tried posting a comment, it gave me an error message saying "Unable to find comment. Deleted?" I think it happened because, while I was writing a comment, I got a comment notification that someone just replied to another comment I made earlier on the same entry, and I decided to refresh the page. The QuickReply window remained and I finished my message and tried sending it off only to get the error.

I finally gave in and disabled QuickReply for all pages. Several annoyances down (no more accidental posting in the main entry rather than in response to someone else's comment + the ability to pick the smiley/icon for comment). And I found that this isn't documented in any FAQs, so maybe this will be useful to someone else:

On Admin Console enter the following: set disable_quickreply 1


I like the new mattress. I should make a picture of my room sometime. It's cute. Although it's a bit of a mess currently.

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