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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

I've set up my laptop so I can type in Greek! That's rather cool.

μᾶλλον ὁ Φρύξ.

I still need to learn where all those accent thingies are, but letters themselves match Latin keyboard, more or less.

Recently a Latin for Beginners was added to Project Gutenberg. Now, that I have access to a textbook, I can fulfil one of my dreams, perhaps. I need to first get rid of bad habits with regards to pronunciation of letter "c". It's apparently always pronounced as "k"; I keep wanting to pronounce it as "ts" (ц) at times.


on my friends page the characters loaded as random japanese katakana

but here on the comment page they load correctly as greek characters


Hmmmm. I can properly see the letters, except for the ones with the accents (I'll assume that the second and seventh and tenth letters have accents). They appear as square boxes to me and normally I should be able to view them, having Greek Windows and all. So are you sure they're correct?


They're πολυτονικό, so it's possible that your (μονοτονικό) Greek Windows doesn't have fonts containing the necessary precomposed PT Unicode characters.

(To be technical: your fonts probably cover the "Greek and Coptic" block but not the "Greek Extended" block.)

In Beta code, she wrote "ma=llon o( Fru/c" (μάλλον ο Φρυξ, with περισπωμένη over the first alpha, δασεία over the omicron, and οξεία over the upsilon).


I recently (like about a month ago) downloaded a bunch of Unicode fonts. The accented letters display for me differently from non-accented ones (they are bolder) and I guess Firefox pulls up a different font to display those.

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