Constance - Make tea, not war (camomiletea) wrote,
Constance - Make tea, not war

Eeee! My summer course is starting on June 27th; it's just 12 days away. I both want it and not.

The teacher already had a syllabus online -- I just checked today, and a couple of chapter slide presentations... It looks hard. I'm sure I'll have fun though. It's "Applied Statistics for Business and Economics I".

Today was the first day we went to the neaby lake. It was very nice. Water was fine.

My two step-sisters are coming tomorrow for a visit -- we may go to the lake again, and they said they want to go fishing, and perhaps kayaking. Michelle is planning to have a wedding next year, so she wants to go to Louisville and show us some dresses. One for me as a bride's maid. We'll probably do it on Saturday.

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