Constance - Make tea, not war (camomiletea) wrote,
Constance - Make tea, not war


I escaped from the Dungeon of Camomiletea!

I killed Idonotlikepeas the floating eye, Ailetoile the goblin, Vanbeast the rat, Livredor the leprechaun, Hapsterspad the zombie, Swelegant the orc, Camomilesupport the leprechaun, Bridgetester the gelatinous cube, Stevieg the kobold, Centigrad the troll and Angelicmoonfire the arch-demon.

I looted the Wand of Ferenz Liszt, the Sword of Lithiana, the Shield of Samir74, the Axe of Wordplay, a Figurine of Fratrum, the Crown of Winterphoenix, the Axe of Programming, the Sceptre of Math, the Amulet of Hopefulnebula, the Sword of Volunteering, the Dagger of Alsatia, the Shield of Phoenixdreaming, the Sceptre of Psychology, a Figurine of Pthalogreen, the Shield of Piers Anthony, the Sceptre of Ridicully, the Axe of Mollsa, the Crown of Bekithewitch, the Dagger of Walking, the Wand of Timwi, the Armour of Rainingtulips, the Amulet of Xanth, a Figurine of Ferrell, the Shield of Dancing, the Sword of Dragons, the Armour of Translation, the Axe of Silence, the Dagger of Antiques, the Wand of Sarahq, the Axe of Crschmidt, a Figurine of Elcour, a Figurine of Snarkbite, the Wand of Lizardlaugh, the Sceptre of Graphic Design and 216 gold pieces.

Score: 766

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