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Okay, I've some questions for you today. We all have journals, and we all like to make them pretty (or at least functional and readable). The problem is that the information that we need sometimes either isn't available, or it's difficult to find it. So, I'm curious about some things.

This IS NOT official in any way (hence it being in MY journal and not a comm somewhere) but I can share the answers given here with those who make the changes.

1. What are some common customizations that you normally do (adding a background, changing colors, etc) that you find either aren't explained well or are hard to find in the FAQ?

1.5. Would changing the wording of the FAQ title make you more likely to click it? Any examples?

2. Based off of the tutorials available here (S1) and (S2) -- are they easy to follow? Is there something you'd like to see there? (related: are you good at explaining that kind of stuff? would you be interested in doing so?)

2.5. Do you find the memories easy to use? Are: and

Easier to use? Clearer to use?

3. If you don't normally use the FAQ or tutorials linked above, where do you normally go for help? (yes, saying "I can do it myself, dummy!" is an acceptable answer :P )

4. Anything else you'd like to add in regards to the topic?

via legomymalfoy, but I'm very interested in any feedback you can give, and I should have done this myself, but I was away til now and didn't think of it.
Tags: psa, rfc, styles documentation

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