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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Okay, I've some questions for you today. We all have journals, and we all like to make them pretty (or at least functional and readable). The problem is that the information that we need sometimes either isn't available, or it's difficult to find it. So, I'm curious about some things.

This IS NOT official in any way (hence it being in MY journal and not a comm somewhere) but I can share the answers given here with those who make the changes.

1. What are some common customizations that you normally do (adding a background, changing colors, etc) that you find either aren't explained well or are hard to find in the FAQ?

1.5. Would changing the wording of the FAQ title make you more likely to click it? Any examples?

2. Based off of the tutorials available here (S1) and (S2) -- are they easy to follow? Is there something you'd like to see there? (related: are you good at explaining that kind of stuff? would you be interested in doing so?)

2.5. Do you find the memories easy to use? Are: and

Easier to use? Clearer to use?

3. If you don't normally use the FAQ or tutorials linked above, where do you normally go for help? (yes, saying "I can do it myself, dummy!" is an acceptable answer :P )

4. Anything else you'd like to add in regards to the topic?

via legomymalfoy, but I'm very interested in any feedback you can give, and I should have done this myself, but I was away til now and didn't think of it.


The custom layers/styles doesn't work without JavaScript. As LJ isn't necessarily secure JS-wise, I don't enable JS when I use LJ. As such, I can't use anything but the wizard for S2. I don't really mind. I just considered trying to learn a bit about S2 to try to branch out into styles, but gave up when I learned that it would be impossible without JS.

1. Sidebars and scrolling entryboxes are so common. And I never expect LJ to endorse them via S1 overrides, because "they're too hacky" or whatever.

1.5. Probably not, because I try to check FAQs and that sort of thing whenever possible and if anything looks remotely related, I click it.

2. and 2.5 For the most part, [Unknown LJ tag] is good. When I've tried s2howto, I've gotten confused because the codes wouldn't work and I actually had to use a completely different code altogether. I tend to not use tags, because I'm usually looking for a specific tutorial, not a group of tutorials.

As far as helping, I'm pretty much done with that, since Carrie banned me from those communities and related comms due to the fact I'm not a Support volunteer. I have since, however, had to open up Support tickets to report problems with possible howto tutorials.

3. everything_lj is where I live. If I have a question, usually my fellow co-mods have an answer.


This may not surprise you, but I've never really big on working with to begin with shhh... don't tell Prissi! XD. Unlike what appears to be the majority of the LJ populace, making my journal look "pretty" has never been a priority for me.

Well, part of that is, I don't know exactly what I want it to look like other than to be usable, readable, and functional, as you said. Also, because the customization wizards for the S2 styles are fairly easy for me to use, the Styles FAQs are generally unnecessary for me. When I do need help, it's to ask friends for advice on what colors to choose and where to put elements -- basically, creative stuff that Support wouldn't be able to help with.

The only thing I can think of that would be nice as far as the s2howto tutorials go is if they were more consistent with which public styles support which features. That is, some of them list all of the features and are cross-linked, and others aren't.

For example, this one on features available for Component cross-links to only three of the features listed on there, when I am certain that some of the unlinked ones ("changing comment text," for one) have many other layouts that support the same feature.

Hmmm... one thing that would be especially nice (but probably not feasible due to size) would be a table showing all of the popular features, against the public layouts so that users could make a quick and dirty comparison. That might make it easier to make a choice as to which layout might work best.

Okay, I'll shut up, because I'm not making a lot of sense here, I'm sure. ;)


I wanted to address all points, but I couldn't find the time ;) So I'll just respond to the stuff I wanted to answer the most: the feature guides -- are a never-ending task. I think in the past the features were unlinked, but the more recently added are all hyperlinked and I try to update all the others, but ... *shakes head* The chart was also planned, but first I need to get the feature guides in shape so I could use them as a help.

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