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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

LiveJournal has added 76 new themes. They are based on the Vox themes. Read all about it here. The theme I like best (Ocean Whale) isn't here yet, but they promise to add more in near future. It's also a bit buggy, though most of the stuff has been fixed and hey are working on resolving other issues.

If anyone wants an invite to Vox, I still have 5 4, no one took me up on the offer last time. Just leave your email in a comment (will be screened).


And sadly I'm watching as someone on my FL's getting more or less bashed for asking why such bugs were sent live.


You're talking about kunzite1? Well, on one hand he is right, on the other, the way he demanded the developers to remove the layout until it's fixed up was annoying ...

I thought that they were gonna start testing things better before setting them live. That has yet to happen.

And in watching the news post, I've seen more "it's crap!" and "it's broken!" comments than "yay, I like this new style!" comments. That should tell them something.

Since you use Vox, can I ask; is it anti-small res over there, too? Someone on my friends list switched, and I just found that while it seems mighty crammed at 1024x768, it hacks off at anything smaller. That's a big disappointment in my eyes, and it's bad enough that LJ has taken to only caring about the latest version of a browser being compatable when different issues have come up.


Yes. It's worse over on Vox, because you can't even use any custom CSS to change the width... The layouts used to have smaller width, but recently increased it.

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