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Constance - Make tea, not war
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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

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“One person has asked a simple question "Why are you here - right now?" on, paying respondents a penny for a thoughtful answer. He read the answers and decided it was good stuff and came up with a book. Here are some of the answers in this book.

The Debt Holder

I am here in this state of karmic payback because I betrayed the trust of the person who means the most to me in this world. Now I fear that I will never regain it, and that karma will take that person away from me as the final payback for my actions. I am forced to live in the present and the past because the thought of that future is too painful to think about. I deeply regret my actions, and more than anything, I just want to make everything right again.

The Grieving Loved One

I'm sitting at home staring at this computer and asking myself this same question? I just found out that my 29 year old friend just died from breast cancer that spread to her lungs. She left behind a husband and two young sons. So now i'm sitting here asking myself why am i here? Why is she not going to be here to raise her sons and live her life? Why am i here?

The Thankful Grandmother

Why am I here? On the computer or in the room, on this planet, facing another day, or just living. I am here because I like to answer questions, on this planet because I was created by mom and dad, facing another day because I arose to the dawn and a screeching bird outside my window and living and enjoying each and every day listening to my granddaughter sing Twinkle Little Star and thankful that I can do so.

The Playful Wife

I am here right now to breathe, to stretch, to reach for the joy that is Friday afternoon, post-work, pre-martini, post-skirt, pre-sweatpants, post-stale coffee breath, pre-nap and supper and time with kids and committee meetings and weekend chores. I am here right now to know a moment, a still moment of earth and air, moving fan, distant siren, ticking clock, silent phone and knowing that somewhere out there, my husband drives toward me to pick up for a Friday night date.

The Hopeless Dreamer

Here is a place I don't want to be. Here is the ending of old hopes and rotted out dreams. Here is the edge between what I wanted to be, and what I am dangerously close to being. Here is nowhere.

Here's my answer to the question. Why am I here - right now? I'm here on LiveJournal because I like interacting with others, and I feel I'm making a difference by volunteering in technical support and other capacities. I'm here right now because I'm procrastinating on homework. I'm here right now recording this voice-post to earn four bucks.”

Transcribed by: camomiletea

(Anonymous) - (no subject)

+ an idea what to voice-post with. ;)

(Anonymous) - (no subject)

Heh, the first story (which is the only one I read so far) is so random... "At ten past nine a big storm blew up and the ship sank." Funny stuff.


What is "Voice Post"?
What is this text? Is it yours, or you just take text and read it?


And why do you use English in you diary, not Russian???


Так сложилось. Я переехала в Америку: захотела вести журнал на английском для практики, а затем появились друзья здесь, которые только по английски понимают.


А что же сейчас по-русски пишешь? Как же твои американские друзья? Не поймут - обидятся ;)


Voice Post - это одна из платных возможностей ЖЖ; я звону по специальному телефону и записываю свой голос. Подробности об этой возможности здесь:

Частично мой текст, частично просто читала.

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