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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

For the last week every day starting from the morning and continuing well into the afternoon, there's been a bird (red cardinal) flying into our back door. It's crazy... It sits on our deck, and then flies right into the doors *BAM* First it would be sitting on our deck furniture (chairs), but we moved the chairs away, so now it just sits on the rails. Mom thinks it's bad luck. We tried to persuade her not to take it so seriously, but still "double-u-tee-ef"... This bird must really want to get in.

Oh, and earlier it would fly away at the sight of us, but it no longer cares if there are people around or not. *SPLAT* on our glass doors...


Have you opened the door to see if it would indeed come in? :D

We had a bird doing that around 2001, but it was the windows in front of our house instead of the door, and mom had some red things sitting in the window sill... she said later that she thought that's why he did that... he was drawn to that color. I remember that so vividly. Scared the hell out of me the first few times, but as it happened several times a day, I quickly get used to it. After he'd hit, he would slide down into the bushes for awhile... it's damn lucky my cats didn't find him and eat him!

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