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Rating of online games

Apparently, this is a Russian site rating games; it does have an English translation though. The top rated game (currently) "Bombs: Medved vs. Bapko", looks a bit retarded, but I guess that's the whole effect "for shits and giggles". You can search the listing of the games by "pay type" (i.e. free, shareware, paid, etc.), genre, language, and other stuff.

(Anonymous) - (no subject)

Исковерканная "бабка".


Был летом такой флешмоб про Дворег и сардельку =)
Но сейчас о нем наверно уже мало кто помнит... даже сообщество соответствующее уже удалили...

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You're welcome! I'm glad it helped you. :) Happy holidays to you as well!


Hey.. you recently replied to my LJ support request: http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=680595&

I just wanted to go out of my way and thank you (as there is no way to do so via the support site, as far as I saw). Your advice worked like a charm, it was very helpful! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Happy holidays and thanks again!


Thank you for kind words :) I didn't actually do much -- the developers have figured out what the problem was, and it seemed like a Christmas present to all!


Either way, thanks! I'm not sure what happened when or where, but I took your advice and now my journal works exactly as I want it to! :-) I'll credit you because you seem nice and you deserve a pat on the back for at least taking the time out to help me. :)


Heh, I logged in under this name by accident. In any case both of the above are me (hazel and metropole).. thanks and sorry to take up so much comment space! 8-)


since you helped me last time have another question

I had to use S1 to enter code as HTML, but S1 does not allow free users to edit styles
as I need to shorten borders, font and size of my display sheet ,so if I switch back to S2 , will it delete code i entered in S1?


Your support request has been received and will be answered in its turn. Please do not come to my journal asking these questions. As stated in my profile:

If I don't know you, you will get more help by opening a support request than by asking me. Please do check the FAQ and HowTo tutorials before opening a request - your question may be already answered there.


Hi, thank you for helping me with my support issue earlier today. Appreciated! :-)))


You are very welcome!


thanks for helping me with the html problem!!


No problem!

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