Constance - Make tea, not war (camomiletea) wrote,
Constance - Make tea, not war

It's strange that I have nothing to write about: university is almost over, and I don't want to talk about it, really. The end of the spring semester always seems so hard...

I've come across a website that sells nice scenic greeting cards. The pricing seems reasonable, and I like both the color and black and white ones. Most are apparently 6 by 4 inches? It's hard to tell from the images, but that's the size listed on the website.

I like getting greeting cards like that; something tangible in my hands... Rather than these vGifts, which are nice too, in that sort of whimsical way. But I really enjoy the landscapes too. On the other hand, I guess I do not often look through the greeting cards I've received, whereas I look at my profile from time to time.

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