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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

... What is my computer thinking! I've had to re-set the clock an hour ahead no less than five times already.

If anyone has a solution for me, please let me know.


Если ты делаешь это средствами своей ОС, попробуй использовать CMOS Setup. Это такая программка, которая вшита в BIOS и вызывается нажатием клавиши Del (или другой, в зависимости от сообщения), когда на экране в самом-самом начале загрузки пишется "Press Del to enter Setup".

Если и это не сработает, значит, что-то у тебя с системными часами. В этом случае как-то можно настроить синхронизацию времени с серверами в Интернете.

(У меня, кстати, последний вариант. )


ты винду пропатчила? поставь синхронизацию :)


У меня автоматические обновления; несколько раз пыталась загрузить патч отдельно, так мне выдавалось сообщение, что якобы это обновление уже установлено.


Y'know, I've had the same problem. If you find out the answer (or if it's sitting in your comments in a language I can't understand), I'd love to know!


Our common suggestion is to synchronize time with the Internet time servers. :-)


It's happened again! I noticed it yesterday actually, just didn't get around fixing it till today.

I tried synchronizing time with online servers, and that didn't help. That is when I tried using "" I got some kind of error, and when I used the default "" nothing changed.

I noticed though that on the Time Zones tab, there was no checkmark in the box for "Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes"... I put it there, so maybe hopefully I won't have to do time adjustments anymore.


Is it suddenly losing one hour, or is it losing time gradually as the computer is on? If it's the latter, I had a computer that did that, and it was because I was leaving more stuff running on it than the clock's battery could handle.

Here's a site I just dug up with some suggestions you might try:

Good luck! :)


No, it started with Daylight Savings Time. It didn't set itself correctly the first time, so I did manually, and then from time to time to again jumped back an hour.

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