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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

Today I tried out a new extension FireVox, to gain a better understanding of making accessible webpages... It annoyed me and I uninstalled it. But a few undesirable side-effects remained. This sucks. I emailed the developer and hope he can advise me, because I don't know what to do—even reinstalling Firefox didn't help.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I'll try that if I can figure it out...

This is what I told the FireVox developer about my problems:

I am no longer able to use the down and up arrows on my keyboard to correctly scroll down or up the page. It seems to move from the top of the page right to the bottom, or from the bottom right to the top, rather than gradually scrolling.

When I happen to click within any text on the webpage, a blinking cursor appears, as in a textbox. In that situation I can then scroll, but the movement is jerky, not smooth, and I can see the blinking cursor in the text moving downward.

Other browsers are okay with using the arrows to scroll...


Solution turned out to be simple -- F7. Apparently it was a built in "cursor mode".


Yeah, I had the same problem a while ago (I blame the cat walking on my keyboard.) I fixed it by Options - Advanced - Accessibility - "Allow text to be selected with the keyboard".


Huh. I should try that.

So far, I've only had that happen to me when I've edited my status on Facebook; afterwards, the arrow keys move the cursor around text lines on the page instead of scrolling.

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