Constance - Make tea, not war (camomiletea) wrote,
Constance - Make tea, not war

One more class

This Fall semester I want to take 15 credit hours, rather than my usual 12, which means one more class. I even know which one I want (and need): "Management of Information Technology". There are two sections of it, and the one that I wanted (6:00-7:15pm) is full, but the other (2:45-4:00pm) had one spot open. I grabbed it, but what I really want to do is when the time draws nearer contact the teacher and see if I can't go to the 6pm one. The schedule doesn't yet show who is going to be the instructor, just "Staff". But I'm pretty sure the teachers are understanding in this regard... I've seen some teachers accept students into already full classes. It can't be that full; it's a 300-level course... On the other hand, our Finance class in spring was pretty crowded, and it's also 300-level and part of the business "core" program, that everyone in Business must go through. Not like 300-level accounting courses, which only people majoring in Accounting should take.

Hmm, now that I look at the schedule... There's another class I'd like to take that's in the same timeframe (6:00-7:15pm) -- "Auditing and Assurance Services"... It *should* have open spots. But I'm already taking a hard accounting course, and I've been told this one is hard also. EDIT: And what do you know! That hard class I'm talking about is listed in prerequisites, with a note that it may be taken concurrently. *headdesk* Like I want to do that! And I really need that Management of Information Tech as soon as possible.

This is what happens when you decide last minute you want to take an extra class. I've already signed up for everything else at the first opportunity.

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