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Constance - Make tea, not war: neonfem

Ah, freedom. I'm enjoying my little Thanksgiving break, although perhaps I should have allotted some time to studying for the accounting exam. I can start tomorrow ;)

Yesterday I saw "Live Free or Die Hard" which was amazing. I didn't expect much; it's amazing how low expectations can enhance anything. ;)

Today we watched Santa Clause 3, and then we decided to drag out Santa Clause the first one. Which also required plugging in the VCR. One hilarious thing in the retrospect is step-dad trying to disable subtitles on the tape... Anyway the contrast between those two Santa Clause movies was striking: the old movie looked so old, colorless, and lacked in the special effects department. It was an 1995 movie, and everything changed so much since then. It gives one a new appreciation for what we have.

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Add a little sweetness to your day
If calories are an issue,
store your chocolate on top of the fridge.
Calories are afraid of heights
and they will jump out of
the chocolate to protect themselves.

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