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Poll #1104436 AdBlock Pros and Cons

Do you use AdBlock or similar?


Why or why not?


I will just tweak with my home proxy server if I'm concerned about Ads. I don't use Windows or Mac (or Linux for that matter) so I tend to make my own solutions a lot of the time.


I accidentally skipped the "why or why not" section, so I'm placing it here:

1) It blocks most/all ads but the text type, and since I find all ads but the text type annoying (especially the ones that talk and pop up. I HATE those), this is good.

2) I, personally, find that pages looks better and load faster.

If ads are non-intrusive and don't slow down my web browsing, fine. But generally, I find they do the opposite so I'd rather not see them. I still see those Google text ads, but I'm ok with that. Those don't make me angry or unlikely to visit a site again.


I use adblock, but I don't subscribe to a filter list. I individually block ads that offend me, or classes of ads that offend me if I'm that angry with them. I don't mind some ads. Other ads, I would like to kill with a stick.

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