March 2nd, 2006

dear diary

Computer problem

A couple of days ago there was an event at IUS concerning IT. There was a lottery for a Dell printer and three thumb drives; I didn't win anything. (Coincidentally, my fortune cookie said, "I see a thumb drive in your future".) There was a table about Adobe products, and I took a trial CD. I'm mostly interested in Adobe Acrobat (not PhotoShop or Illustrator or any others that came with it). I'm just curious how to make PDF files. There was also a DVD with demo movies apparently. So today, I wanted to look at those movies, and I couldn't. One program said that it couldn't detect a DVD Decoder. Another said to check whether the Video CD was compatible with the driver.

I used to be able to view DVDs. I put one that I watched on this computer before and got the same problem.


Edit: I think I accidentally deleted the Decoder. Problem solved now, I reinstalled from a CD