March 15th, 2006

dear diary

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My step-dad is away on a business trip, and we decided to celebrate my birthday later this week. It wouldn't be fun without him, besides I still had university today, and didn't feel like it's a birthday.

On March 21st, I will need to attend an IMA meeting in Louisville (required by the Cost Accounting course), but then next Wednesday that week, we will not have a class. I'm thinking of taking the fourth Calculus exam that time. We are supposed to have an exam after the spring break, but the teacher is giving us an option to take it before in a Math lab or with her other class in the evening (while we still remember stuff/so we don't need to worry about it and study during break). Then the week after she will give a review and exam to people who choose to take it after the spring break. That means if I take it before, I don't need to attend that week. So I'd only need to go to my classes at 11:00, rather than 9:15 as usual.