May 22nd, 2006

dear diary

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The university is over and I'm updating even less than when I was at school. I finished pretty good. Not as good in Cost Accounting as I would have liked, but good enough.

I went to a doctor for consultation about my jaw. He does think that it could have been caused by the accident a couple of years ago. He also thinks that the problem may be solved, as I'm still young and jaws are so important in survival that naturally humans developed a very adjustable mechanism. He said that they would make "splints" for my teeth -- a sort of transparent plastic things, that look sort of like those 'invisible' braces you see commercials on TV, but they'd be harder, and they will make them higher on one side for adjustment. I'd have to wear them all the time, except when I eat. When the healing starts, then I may have to wear them only at night... The procedures are very expensive, and thsi particular doctor might not be covered by my insurance, so I'll have to find someone "in the network".