July 13th, 2006

dear diary

I broke my style...

I was just adding some CSS for the Navigation Strip to my print_stylesheet() function today. Now I noticed that when I attempt to post comments in my style (with ?style=mine or in my journal), the reply form won't come up. I did nothing nothing to ReplyPage today. WTF. My layout has $.form-print();, there's no funky logic -- everything looks fine, so what is going on?

For now, if you want to comment, please append the link with &style=mine.
dear diary


I found out a neat thing, tinkering with Navigation Strip today. If your layout contains $this->print_control_strip(); the navigation strip will appear in English, always to everyone. If not, the navigation strip is using the language settings of a remote user (or browser settings, if user hasn't specified anything or hasn't logged in). Russian for me.