October 26th, 2008

dear diary

Support Trick or Treat

It's that time of the year again. As the last time, this is open to all support volunteers defined as someone who has at least 1 support point (that means that volunteers in private categories including Abuse Prevention and Schools are eligible).

I have a few options for you. As a Style Systems category admin, I'd be remiss if none of the options had anything to do with my category, but I also have general support involvement stuff :) You can get as many treats as the number of tricks you complete. I pledge to finish giving out treats by March (sorry about this long deadline, but I'm so busy this my last semester at university and I'm likely to move in December).

Style Systems Tricks:

Screenies - make a genuine attempt at answering 3 requests in Style Systems. Poke me or another Styles supporthelp if you need help.

Interims - send in a Styles review if you have 7 links and haven't had a review in two weeks.

Supporthelps - do a Styles review, or make 10 approvals.

General Support Tricks:

All volunteers (current and former, regardless of priv level) can show me what they are most proud of having done in support (doesn't have to be recent). It can be a lovely response on the board, a training entry or a review, a tutorial they wrote for support, an idea they came up with for support, a useful tool they created, etc. Since there was some confusion last year: This should not be something along the lines of "I'm proud of receiving a $priv", which is a bit of passive, rather than active. Instead tell me what you did with the $priv, or what you did to earn $priv.

All current volunteers (regardless of priv level) have two options:
* tell me what they like about support, what keeps them around, what motivates them.
* give at least 3 people vGifts with your appreciation (new people may thank those who have welcomed and trained them, senior volunteers may send thanks to the new folks helping out)

Supporthelps (and above) can share tips, how to be successful, what helped them to reach this level.


To those who have picked an option to do with Styles category, I will send out support pins (while supplies last; PM me your address).

I will draw a picture of some of your interests using MS Paint (here's what you can expect).

I will make a voice post for you if you give a script or an idea (some ideas for scripts: your favorite quote, joke, poem; but if you come up with something better, that's totally fine).

I will make you an icon based on one of your interests or a theme you propose. I'm not an icon-maker, but I'll put in my best effort.