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Constance - Make tea, not war: sun setting over the sea

Hehe, this is random.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm thinking of buying myself some RAM. Most sites say that the maximum RAM my laptop can have is what I have right now (512MB), but this one has a 1GB which is what I want. And it's "guaranteed to work". Seems to be a reputable site, but I'm a bit cautious...


Oh hey. Happy Birthday!


Hee, that is indeed funny. Random funny.

As for the memory, I tried Crucial's system scanner tool which told me how much memory my system can take. (Unfortunately, it can only hold the 2GB that are already in there.)

I had bought memory from them before, though, and they told me what kind to get. (I upgraded from 512 MB to 1.5 GB.) I've had good experience from them.

I'm not sure whether they also sell laptop RAM but it wouldn't surprise me.

Kane -- beaming happily

Happy Birthday, Constance! :D

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