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Interesting news stories

I'm subscribed to the Wall Street Journal's "Student Weekly Wrap-Up". This week, there are surprising many interesting stories. These are free.

Recession? Not So Fast.
A growing number of economists are less pessimistic about a recession. Retail sales, excluding autos, were surprisingly firm in April, as consumer spending and the U.S. economy continue to grow.

Does Being Ethical Pay?
For corporations, social responsibility has become a big business. Companies spend billions of dollars doing good works -- everything from boosting diversity in their ranks to developing eco-friendly technology -- and then trumpeting those efforts to the public. But does it pay off?

The Neuroscience of Retailing
Retail therapy is a term many people are familiar with -- the notion that shopping can be a panacea. Now, researchers are studying the link between shopping and happiness -- and what puts people in the mood to buy.

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