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Constance - Make tea, not war: Mary

Someone in the landlord's management company gave me an email address that I now think it rather suspicious... I mean it sounded like it ends with "", but is like a website design company, and I wonder if maybe there's a particular misspelling in one or both of the words, because the person made sure to spell everything out. Except that I don't understand much when people spell letter-by-letter. It doesn't come naturally. Anyone know of a website that might sound like "", but is spelled differently?

On the other hand, the person didn't put much emphasis on the spelling, and wouldn't she try to point it out if there was a deliberate misspelling? I would try to, I think...


My temporary landlord's company (before I moved to where I'm living now) used a web design site's address (something at Then again, I never got my deposit back because I never could get in contact with the guy I was dealing with, so it may not be a good sign. (Another then again: I didn't try very hard, because I was stressed and depressed and being told off for trying to get my deposit back seemed a terrifying possibility.)

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