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Constance - Make tea, not war: Mary

Someone in the landlord's management company gave me an email address that I now think it rather suspicious... I mean it sounded like it ends with "@cyber-image.com", but cyber-image.com is like a website design company, and I wonder if maybe there's a particular misspelling in one or both of the words, because the person made sure to spell everything out. Except that I don't understand much when people spell letter-by-letter. It doesn't come naturally. Anyone know of a website that might sound like "cyber-image.com", but is spelled differently?

On the other hand, the person didn't put much emphasis on the spelling, and wouldn't she try to point it out if there was a deliberate misspelling? I would try to, I think...


My temporary landlord's company (before I moved to where I'm living now) used a web design site's address (something at 4pm.ie). Then again, I never got my deposit back because I never could get in contact with the guy I was dealing with, so it may not be a good sign. (Another then again: I didn't try very hard, because I was stressed and depressed and being told off for trying to get my deposit back seemed a terrifying possibility.)

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