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Useful tips for the recently graduated; Another intern

You've Just Graduated & the Economy's Tanked; Now What?
I found this article informative. I haven't yet graduated, only going to before the end of the year.

Edit: Another good one: 6 Ways to Become an Expert Interviewee.

I talked with another intern today: I'm usually done with my lunch in 15 minutes and have nothing to do for half an hour. This time I went outside, as the weather is nice: sunny but not too hot. There's a nice place out with benches in a sort of square; Yuka was sitting there. Now she's not shy! We kept up talking, asking each other questions; that was a change from talking to (or being silent with) Laura. This kind of goes two ways: I think that it fell more onto Yuka to find questions to ask. I tried to keep up my side, though.

Yuka is originally from (if I understood correctly) Denmark. She actually has accounting background, working at a Japanese manufacturing company and even being in charge of an accounting department. Now, however, she wants to get certified (CPA), and thus went back to the university. She likes the internship; says it's an easy job. She said that when she worked at that Japanese company, she found accounting boring, and that she prefers public accounting with all the traveling... She only has about 15 more credit hours to go to complete the requirements for the CPA and has 7 years of experience working in accounting.
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