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Constance - Make tea, not war: romantic

On a sore and timely topic:
Prices Drive Gas Use to Five-Year Low
U.S. drivers have cut back their use of gasoline to levels not seen in five years, data show, while supplies of gasoline are building.

Hahaha, wtf:
Excuse Me, Do You Work Here?
No, I Just Need to Fold Clothes

The ranks of obsessive folders have swelled as a generation of Americans has done stints as clothing-store clerks. Now, after countless hours spent neatly folding and stacking, their peculiar idea of perfection is straining marriages and leading to bizarre behavior.

Picard -- LOL!!!

...This is why I'll never be a true OCD type that some folks might see me as with respect to some things. XD I don't even bother folding clothes out of the dryer... I just dump them all in the laundry bag and leave them in there until I'm ready to wear them. So what if they get wrinkled? They're clean, and that's what matters! XD

By the way, I'm not kidding about about that. ^^;; I really am that lazy.

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