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Help me here, what does McCain mean when he says, "This isn't the beginning of the end of this crisis. This is the end of the beginning, if we come out with a package that will keep these institutions stable." Yeah, I see the words have changed places, but what does it mean?


I sat puzzling over that one for a few minutes before I gave up trying to make sense of it.


[00:25] <Constance> does anyone understand what this phrase means? http://camomiletea.livejournal.com/248887.html
[00:25] <Azz> Yes.
[00:26] <JD> he's saying we're only just getting started
[00:26] <JD> it's not being resolved any time soon
[00:26] <Azz> "beginning of the end" means that the end is close. "end of the beginning" means that we're only starting to find out how bad it's getting.
[00:26] <JD> yeah
[00:26] <JD> that the Real Problems are about to start
[00:27] <dawna> I dont think either party disagrees with that statement either
[00:27] <dawna> its only going to get more painful
[00:27] <Constance> ah, thank you Azz
[00:28] <Constance> that was a very clear explanation :)
[00:28] <Azz> :D
[00:30] <Azz> Speaking gramatically, the subject of the first is 'the end'. What part of the end? The beginning of it.
[00:30] <Azz> And then the other way around for the other one.


Ohhh, now it makes more sense. Thanks! (And thanks to Azz.)

complete sentences prz

I think he's just saying we aren't as far in as we thought. If you think of things as having three stages -- beginning, middle, end -- and each of /those/ as having three stages, "beginning of the end" is the 7th sub-stage, whereas "end of the beginning" is the 3rd sub-stage, with the middle and all of the end to go.

REally, though, it's just babble IMO :P

guess who?

Yep, I agree, it's a bit facetious. I probably heard that phrase before and understood it, but just now I've completely drawn a blank on what that means.


I read that as meaning if we give them 700 billion dollars now, we shouldn't expect them to not ask for more money in the near future.


Basically, he's saying IF (and that's an important distinction) they've figured out a way to get things stabilized, stuff will hopefully Stop Getting Worse, but they are a long ways from getting better.


Hm, I thought that he meant if this "bailout" thing worked, the crisis could be crushed before it started to get worse - "end of the beginning" would mean that for me. If this was an attempt to show that he is as good with words as Obama, it failed spectacularly, seeing as everyone thinks he meant something else.


the bail-out didn't go through yet... Right now it's only 350billions and maybe another 100 with approval by Congress... hopefully it's going to be even less and under even stricter regulations. Democrats should be ashamed

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