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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

I need to come up with an icebreaker before 1:15pm today! I completely

It's for our intern meeting today. It should be about 10 minutes, and we
have about 15 people... Any ideas? They'd be much appreciated!

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Doesn't have to be active; just get them talking. Thanks! :)


depends on the setting and how much time you have??


Intern meeting. Small group (10 people, rather than 15 that I said). Limited space - a long table with chairs around it. There's going to be a little dessert.

10 minutes.


Well you can play a game where you say your name and tell everyone what you'll take to idk... your first day on the job. the trick is the first letter of the object you take has to be the same as your name. Whoever catches up is hired who doesn't -not hired.


My name is Sarah and to the first day on the job i'll bring staple - hired
My name is Igor and to the first day on the job i'll bring coffee - not hired.

it's a lot of fun but usually takes more than 10min... depending if people pay attention :D


Human knot!

spaced - tim - emotional

Ask them to tell their favourite joke! Then post up the ones that are good :)


My absolute favorite icebreaker that I've used is to have people circle up (or small group, whichever is most appropriate), and have each person give their name and tell the story of why they have that name. If there's no story, they have to make one up. ;-)

If it's a small group setting, then you match up groups and everyone has to tell to the other group the story of the person sitting on their left.

It helps others to learn everyone else's names because now they have a memory aid associated with their face and voice. :-)

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