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Constance - Make tea, not war: life

I'm disappointed in the outcome of the election, and I know I'm in the minority here... I'm probably going to avoid reading my friends page for a few days. In any event, we have to make peace with it, make the best of it. Regardless of your political preferences, please pray for the US and the new president-elect if you are so inclined. I will.

It's kind of ridiculous looking at the map and seeing how many states switched the party for Democratic (and none switched to Republican).


Frankly, it's probably the smart thing to do. <3


You are not really a minority... Obama simply got about 2% more than Bush in 2004. It is still the same country just a bit scared of unknown.


I was talking more about my friends list than America as a whole. But yeah...


yeah i've got the same retarded coworkers... got to have them at least to remind us why we are republican :D

If you want to you can scare them with this spreadsheet right here http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pQjXxTSBZtyE2V9hcpRyvPQ

If it wasn't for those 400,000 people in those 6 states we'd have President McCain now

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we are discussing overcheerful "i can practically smell the change in the air" kind of retardnesses with expectation of above mentioned change happening if not tomorrow than on Monday for sure.


You can find people to commiserate with at therightfangirl if you're so inclined. They're liberal-shy at the moment after some trolls, so they might have membership locked down, not sure. It's a "conservative fannish" type community but fandom doesn't really come up much IMO.


I deleted my comment Constance, I shouldn't have come into your space like that. I apologize.


<3 you're forgiven ;) note that I didn't say those words, and apparently Igor meant it in a very narrow sense.


My sisters are too, I know they were voting republican. I vote independent, making my decision each election and on each issue depending on what I think is best. At any rate, America needs prayers no matter which party is in power to get out of this mess -- the whole world is suffering right now.


My step-siblings were for Obama, I think... What I personally didn't know or expect is that there were all those various other names for Congress and courts that we were supposed to vote on! Next time, I'll have to do a whole lot more research so I can actually pick the candidates I like best. So while this time I voted straight party lines, because I simply didn't know; I want to sort of be more discerning in future.

I think I'd feel safer with McCain, but I do agree that prayers would be needed regardless of who is elected;


I know I posted 3 times on Election Day, but that's probably all I'll be saying about it. I'm already back to my usual level of discourse.


I hope that this new administration fulfills as many of our shared hopes, and as few of your fears, as possible.

beautiful daisy


I arrived here in a rather roundabout fashion... Essentially, Elyssa recommended that I scope out support, and I loved your icons... I just wanted to say that you are most decidedly not alone in your sentiments. I am always astounded to encounter other Republicans [we seem to fly under the radar to avoid snark attacks], much less one who seems to share my affinity for All Things Purple. Anyway, I am terrified about the impending quadrant of years, and fervently hope we will not freefall into chaos.


Thank you for commenting! It's so good to see like-minded people, to share our uneasiness about the elections. I guess this just means that I should become more involved, contact my Congresspeople about the issues that I'm concerned about, etc. My favorite color is actually green, but I like purple for some purposes, like in clothing and in the journal style :)

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