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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

After installing the latest version of Firefox, my .htm/.html files have no icons. Does anyone know what's up and how to fix it?


This upgrade had other problems too: it seems to have wiped out all of my saved passwords... But I'm not worrying about that; not a huge deal.


Do they still open in FF by default? 'cause it looks like there's no associated program with the htm/html files, so there's no icon. so you can do whatever it is to get to your file types reassociated?

can't remember the windows menu exactly, sorry, or I'd give you better instructions.


Yes, they open in Firefox if I click on them. I tried also using "Open With" dialog and making sure Firefox is associated. *shrug*


Go to Control Panel/Folders Options/File types (or something along these lines - the computer I'm on has Greek Windows). There, check the .htm file type and click on "advanced options". There you'll find a "change icon" button. Repeat for .html. If the image doesn't show up at all at the "change icon" box, then I have no clue.


^this. It's been a while since I used windows, but I remember something similar happening to me with .mp3 files after I upgraded iTunes, and this fixed it for me.

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