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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

One of the odd things about the South is ... the Moon.

I'm used to seeing it approximately this way when it's crescent: (or the mirror image) right?

Well, here, it lies on its side.... So it's rotated 90 degrees. And it's just plain odd.


It's also one of the odd things about vision loss. To me, these days, the moon in crescent looks like a crescent with a smaller crescent nestled inside it. Kind of like a flower or like the moon is budding. I find this difficult to get used to and don't stargaze that much anymore. The stars are really hard to see or just blurs and the moon is weird and wrong.

I've seen the moon in both the ways you describe. I hadn't thought about it much though. It was weird to have it laying down like that, but I just hadn't really thought about it.


That is really weird @_@


I grew up with this and thought it was normal. Or at least didn't notice much out in California where it's somewhat different.


Meanwhile, being somewhat geeky and nerdy, my first thought before reading your entry was "Why did she post Sailor Moon's crescent moon crest?"

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