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Job Interview Secret site claims to have the secret document you can show to an interviewer that will get you hired on the spot.

It's a scam though. At the bottom of the page it links to site HonestEOnline as a way of "confirming" that it's safe. But if you look closely, you'll find out that both HonestEOnline and the Job Interview Secret are owned by the same person.

Another way you can tell the site is not reliable is by the fact that they claim you will never see a lower price on this product that this, but as soon as you attempt to close tab/window they come around and offer you 51% discount.

Edit: On the other hand, there are some good articles on the site regarding interviews. You wouldn't need any of them if there was a surefire 2-page document as they claim, but giving credit where credit is due:


And that there is no secret document that will get you hired for any job from any interviewer.


Even the design of the web page looks like the multitude of other snake-oil pages peddling other things.

(The other day I followed an ad for "how to make lots of gold in WoW"; the page design looked almost identical. I wonder whether those guys have some kind of shared template or something.)


There is probably a: how to make a lot of money by scamming other people web site out there. And it probably provides that template.

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