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7 Quick Takes

1. I'm considering to walk in the Friends of the Poor Walk. Some of you might have seen it on my FaceBook already. I'm pretty clueless about how this works. I heard about it through my parish, and then I remember one of my co-workers did something like this - a walk for some cause. Have you heard of such a thing? Please let me know your thoughts.

It's going to be on September 26 (Saturday) or the next day if it rains, apparently. the walk is going to be two miles, which I think I can do - with a little bit practice. Back in Latvia I used to walk a lot - to save on public transportation costs. It's ridiculous now to think how far I'd walk.

2. Sunday is Father's day. I have no idea why, but I somehow was under impression that Father's Day always falls on a Thursday, but it seems I was mistaken and it's Sunday. I think my parents expect me to make another card, like I did for Mother's Day. I considered it, but didn't really plan on it. Now I guess I have to. ;) I'm thinking of using this photo from Joe's wedding.

3. One of my acquaintances from the church choir was bragging the other day about his blueberries. I was very interested, because I know my mom wants to grow blueberries, and fruit trees and stuff when they have a house here. Apparently they grow 7 feet tall, and the "rabbiteye" variety produces very large berries, and very sweet if you keep them on the plant long enough (although they don't produce as much in the first couple of years). I think one of these days mom and I will go to see for ourselves, because Ted said you could come and pick. He also grows figs, pear trees and grapes, so mom will probably want to pick up some tips in addition to the berries ;)

4. I think my parents have finally decided on building a house! There was this one house (and only one house) in which mom said, "I like it, and I don't want to leave." And the builder of that house agreed to build another like it somewhat cheaper. He couldn't sell that house cheaper, but due to the economy he found he could build another cheaper now. It has a kind of "French country" look. The problem is it's so easy to get used to good stuff. Mom still likes the house, but now she isn't quite as excited as when she saw it the first time. But obviously, she doesn't like anything else that is within the budget.

5. The other day, I found out about this book called "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". Hehe, well I like that challenge. There's even a useful spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. So before I even begin, I'm already at 7% done due to reading some of those books, and I have only 11 books to read per year to finish the list ("if I'm a typical Western female") - quite manageable. Still I doubt I'll really follow it. There's too much of recent stuff in it, stuff that I might not really think is a must-read-before-dying. Instead I'm going to use it as a suggestion list when I have nothing better to read. The first two books from the list I decided to check out are: "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan, which I meant to read anyway, and "Neuromancer" by William Gibson, which is sci-fi, my favorite genre. Should be good, right?

Oh, and there's a problem here too. There are now two lists: 2006 and 2008 editions were different. So now there are actually 1,283 books to read if you wish to do both. Incidentally, "Pilgrim's Progress" is only on the 2006 list, but not on 2008 list. The problem is this: are there going to be more editions, so that the list becomes really never-ending? I guess, it's only a problem for those who really want to take up on that challenge of reading everything in the list, but not really for me, since for me it's just a "suggestions" list. Like, there's no way I'm reading "Ulysses" by James Joyce. Hahaha! I tried that, and it's no go. Oh, but I plan to read any books by Russian authors on that list in the nearest future! Especially since most of them are available at "War and Peace" is a toughie though; I so regret not finishing it before.

6. The summer has begun! Yes, here in Alabama it's very hot and humid, and the water is our pool is like bath water - it's not even fun anymore. The air is cooler than the water. It's hot in the morning, it's hot in the evening, and impossible during daytime. We went shopping this morning, and I was all wet with sweat when we got back. But to tell the truth, I don't mind it. I think I could get used to this. I just had to mention it ;) I think my mom is taking it worse than me. We have air-conditioning in the apartment of course, but for her it's too cool; so she feels like freezing in apartment and baking when out.

7. It's so hard to come up with seven things! I don't think my life is exciting enough to do this every Friday. It was just an experiment today, inspired by Conversion Diary. I think that's a brilliant blog. I'm looking forward to Jennifer (author of the blog) publishing her book. It's about her conversion story from atheism. Good stuff.
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