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Seven Quick Takes

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1. 4th of July

My step-dad has extra days off for the 4th of July, so almost last moment, we decided to get a hotel in Foley for a night and spend two days at the beach in Gulf Shores. It was awesome. The beach is packed, of course, but it was fun. Much better than the pool here at the apartment, which gets too hot. I think we overdid the beach on the second day and we are all burnt. Sunscreen doesn't help here much. I even applied sunscreen on my face twice, and it's still red. Tomorrow we are going to USS Alabama Battleship to watch the fireworks, which should be fun. I've seen signs about this battleship and step-dad thought it would be cool to go, but we never did.

How do you plan to celebrate 4th of July this year?

2. Interview and Personality Test

I've gotten another interview the other day. It's a Staff Accountant with a local nursing home (they have four locations, three in Mobile, one in Huntsville); sounds pretty good from what they told me. One thing that was sort of different is they asked me to fill out a personality test using DISC method. Apparently, everyone (including myself) perceive me as a Specialist, and when I'm under stress I'm an Investigator. More or less accurate based on what those mean. The interviewers said they don't see many Investigators. Not sure if that's good or bad, but they did mention it's not something you can either pass or fail. Just a way for them to figure out how to relate to others. If you have a problem with some co-worker, they'd be able to explain how to act around them, what offends, etc.

3. Jobs

Speaking of jobs... If I get an email advertising a job opportunity that's too good to be true (Accounting position doing both AR and AP, work from home, $5,000-10,000 USD a month, requires at least 10 hours of work a week - I made calculations that's like $125 an hour). Well, do I respond or ignore it as there must be a catch to this, it's too good to be true? I've ignored it for now, just being careful...

4. Ant bites

Can ant bites cause itching all over? The other day, I stepped into their nest apparently, and had at least 25 bites in the foot before I could shake them off. Two hours later or so, I was itching and red all over. I wonder if that was a reaction to those bites...

5. Snakes in AL

I saw a snake in the same place too (the subdivision where we'll be building the house); it scared me. I wouldn't even notice it but then it moved very suddenly, and you know how they move... It was black. I'm thinking it's either black racer or black rat snake. Apparently there are a lot of snakes here. My mom saw a snake in another new subdivision that is just being built too.

6. "Hunt for the Gollum" Fan-movie

I've read fanfics, but I've never seen fan-movies before, and this one is amazing. I'm very impressed. See the trailer; watch the movie. If you have seen other good fan-movies, please recommend in comments!

7. Great Books

So lately, I've been interested in the so-called "Great Books". I just found a series of videos on Youtube about Great Books, which seems like a good resource: Which Great Books have you read and recommend?
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