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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

This has been a recurring item in my dreams, and I wonder if there is a scientific explanation (none of that psychology or dream interpretation crap). It feels so real when a couple of teeth and then all of my teeth suddenly fall out right onto my hand; and it makes me feel helpless (like how am I going to chew stuff or even speak without teeth?)... Is there anything I might do to prevent such dreams? When I see that dream it never occurs to me that it's a dream, and that's scary...


I am pretty sure that falls pretty squarely into the field of psychology. Unless this is happening during a sleep disorder such as sleep paralysis. But if it's part of a normal dream phase, I don't think any field but psychology will attempt to help you.


Seconding leora; stuff in dreams is generally the realm of psychology.

Dream interpretation manuals are generally not just crap, but a whole LOAD of crap.

The first round of what-is-the-meaning-of-your-dream-and-how-can-I-fix-it that I'd do is see a dentist for a checkup/cleaning, and make sure there's nothing actually wrong. That would be likely to help me, either by reinforcing the idea that nothing's wrong with the teeth, or else discovering a problem and making an appointment to get it fixed.

When I personally have bad dreams, they're generally related to something that I'm worried about but haven't realized how worried I actually am about it. Dreams about tooth problems? Stressed about no dental insurance. Dreams about the Manage Custom Friends Groups page being nonfunctional due to the ads for Russian brides, and having someone try and play yenta while I was trying to troubleshoot and/or use the page? Major stress over the sale of LJ to SUP. Et cetera.

I've found that sometimes they mean something, and sometimes it is just generalized stress/upset and one's brain responding with bad dreams to go along with it.


Thank you, this helps.

(This is psych stuff) I have read that teeth falling out dreams (which are one of the most common nightmares) only reflect a concern about your appearance. Not even vanity, necessarily, as much as "what do I look like." They're ignorable, or if they keep recurring, spend a few minutes a day somehow attending to your appearance. I generally use those dreams as a reminder to get a haircut.


Я прочла, что вы русскоговорящая и пишу на русском: Спасибо большое!
Повезло мне не только со старой ошибкой, но и (и тут уж действительно повезло) с Вами)
Казалось бы - дизайн - пустяк, и не так уж он был хорош, но я почему-то очень переживала)
Еще раз - спасибо


Да уж, разработчики пытались починить эту проблему несколько раз, и каждый раз оказывалось, что не получилось... Если ещё будут такие проблемы, откройте новый запрос.

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