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So on Friday, our cat somehow got out of the house. He's been out for five days during which we would be looking for him, calling him, talking to neighbors. Yesterday we bought a trap to catch animals without hurting them, hoping it will catch our cat, because a few of our neighbors have seen him, but he wouldn't come out of the woods (there are a lot of empty lots here still) to our voice. But we didn't have to use it, because mom went out in the evening and saw him on the porch of another neighbor's house. So she called him, and he came! It seems that he just got lost, and had no clue which house was his. We were so relieved and happy. We thought he'd either ran away very far, because the first 3 days we haven't heard any word about him, or that someone had gotten him and taken him in for themselves.

Well, he was hungry!! Another thing we've discovered is that he had fleas on him :( So we washed him with a special shampoo. He seems so much smaller than he was just a few weeks ago when we washed him before. You can see all the bones when he's wet. Of course he has long fur, so you can't see it when he's dry, but you can feel it when you stroke him.

He was so happy to be home. It's really unusual for him to be so lovey-dovey. The first thing he did was lie down on the cold tile floor where the AC air was coming out. It's been really humid these past few days, and when it wasn't hot, it was raining and thundering. I would guess he'd been rained on 3 or more times. That's also a problem, because his fur is all matted, especially on his stomach and neck. It's pretty bad. I think we're going to have to shave him in spots.

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