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Constance - Make tea, not war: dear diary

I was trying to do research online to find a Russian movie without which no holiday is complete (we had a copy, but we no longer can watch it because it's in the European format and we no longer have a converter). And I came across this article, which is perfect, haha.

Top Ten Traditions No Winter Holiday in Russia Goes without
All of them are on target, but just to highlight a couple:

1. Christmas Tree - absolutely! It bugs the heck out of me that people here bring the trees in the house soooo much in advance and throw them out immediately after Christmas. We got it just a little bit in advance, but kept them up for as long as possible, and that note about the pine smell struck a cord with me too.

4. That's the movie I was looking for :) There are NTSC versions on DVD, which have English subtitles, and Dan was really excited about that: finally he'd get to understand everything. Although he was saying he understood more or less because the acting is so good, and you can see the story, what's happening.

5. Haha, yep and we still do research every year what we're supposed to wear. Too bad we don't get any of the Russian magazines with tips ;)

10. The "Old" New Year. That's one holiday we no longer pay that much attention too, but it was definitely the thing to do. I kind of miss celebrating it.


Thank you for the Christmas card! It arrived yesterday.

Reading about the "must watch on New Year's Eve" film reminds me of the corresponding German phenomenon: Dinner for One is a staple in German households on New Year's Eve, at least in my experience.


There's a couple movies that I watch on computer because they're Region 2. Of course, my computer doesn't worry about region codes; more recent computers have limited region switches. I don't think it's that hard to find a DVD copier that will output a Region 0 version.

Have you watched the movie yet? I've got a copy of the Russian Jack Frost, and found that the subtitling and dubbing obviously weren't done by native speakers, and are quite a bit lacking, to the point that I couldn't finish the movie.


This was great reading! Thank you for sharing it. :)


This was really interesting, especially the part about being influenced by Chinese zodiacs in deciding what to wear! I had no idea!

Hi camomiletea, Happy new year!
here you could see our tree ;)and tolk about throw them out immediately after Christmas in Germany I think it is more arouse interest
gooood luck



Maybe can you help me. I want to reversing the order of the entries. This can be done in the Minimalism-template (paid account)?

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